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Boats in the Water
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Seminar/Webinar Presenter

  • Michler, L (2019).  When Emotions ARE the Issue.  American Bar Association, Dispute Resolution Section, Advanced Mediator Training, July.  Presenter.

  • Michler, L (2019).  Truce or Consequences.  Association of Attorney Mediators, April.  Presenter.

  • Michler, L (2017).   The Good, the Bad, and the Uninformed.  Association of Attorney Mediators, September.  Author and Presenter.

  • Michler, L (2017).  ADR Neutral Disclosures, Woman’s Bar Association of Western PA, May.  Author and Presenter.

  • Michler, L (2017).  Will Your ADR Neutral Disclosures Meet Party Expectations? Perceived Associations and Social Media:  Guidelines, Disclosure Differences, Requirements, Opinions – Are They Enough?  American Bar Association, ABA Dispute Resolution Section Annual Meeting, April.  Author and Presenter.

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